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Bonnie is quite possibly one of the greatest vocalists of this age.


Often referred to as the International First Lady of Rock (a title which we started!), Bonnie is a three-time GRAMMY nominee, two-time BRIT AWARD nominee. She also has awards and accolades gifted from Europe, bagging three GOLDENE EUROPA awards and an ECHO AWARD. She was one of the first western female artists to tour the Soviet Union, and is listed in the The Guinness Book of British Hit Albums for her debut on the UK Albums Chart with Faster Than the Speed of Night. Two of her songs are among the best-selling singles of all time.


With a career history like that, Bonnie is sometimes referred to as a diva, though those familiar with Bonnie know her to be anything but. A humble and friendly woman, she has all the time in the world for her fans, and describes them as loyal. Amidst her career of recording and performing, Bonnie finds time to contribute to charities in what ever way she can. Since the 1990s, she has been an ambassador of Bobath Children’s Therapy Centre in Wales. Bonnie constantly works for local charities in Wales and Portugal, where her two homes are located. Her passion for music also shows – since a young age Bonnie named Janis Joplin and Tina Turner her musical idols, and it is clear that their influence has shaped Bonnie’s artistic nature. Her career has not changed her, and she is still a local Welsh girl at heart.


Bonnie takes great pride in her music, and never fails to perform her most popular hits during her live shows. With an extensive back catalogue and more compilation albums than most, it is a challenge for collectors to obtain all of Bonnie’s releases. She takes special pride in her latest release, Rocks and Honey, and cites it as the best album of her career. Music critics seem to agree, as on average, reviews for the album have never been so positive. Fans can expect a handful of tracks from the album to be performed on stage.


Though “Total Eclipse of the Heart” is often listed as the most popular karaoke song, Bonnie’s passion for music is deeper embedded in performance than album recording and chart success. Bonnie Tyler is proof that age does not have to hinder you in the music industry, with her concert schedule being constantly updated and her voice as strong as ever. Whether you like her or not, you have to have respect for the International First Lady of Rock.


~ Written by Liam Brigg